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Build requirements:

  • For signing the executable for OSX the build needs to be run on OSX - Xcode is needed for building on OSX
  • Electron-builder dependencies: - glib
                brew install glib
        - snapcraft
                brew install snapcraft

Build steps:

  1. Run:
        npm run dist
  2. Check if all the created executables are working correctly on every environment
  3. Push the created commit and tag:
        git push && git push origin <tag_name>
  4. Create a new release on Github
    1. Select the created tag
    2. Title should be the tag name (Exp: v0.6.1)
    3. Add the release notes from the for the specific version in the description
    4. New contributors should be mentioned additionally
  5. Upload the files from the upload-for-github-release folders