Create living prototypes with code components.

Alva lets you design interactive products based on components engineered by your developers. And guess what – we are entirely open source.

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Also available for Windows and Linux

Start your prototype with code components

Connect to the components of your React library and start using them for your prototype. Without writing a single line of code.

Learn how to prototype with code components

Integrate your visual design drafts

Add your latest design drafts from Sketch, Figma or any other design tool to your prototype and show your team how the next component should look like.

Learn how to integrate your designs

Connect everything with interactions

The web is interactive – so let’s design interactively, too. Go beyond static screens and design with interaction, data and logic in mind.

Learn how to work with interactions

Sketch Integration (coming soon)

Integrate Sketch into your prototyping workflow and seamlessly export code to Sketch and import your design drafts to the prototype. Coming later this year.

Our mission is to enable designers and engineers to build better products together. Without friction.

Stay tuned!

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And wait for it – we are entirely open source.

For the last years most of the design tools have been expensive and proprietary software. We want to give something back to the community and start the next generation of design tools. Open-minded and open-source.

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Getting Started

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