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Pattern Library

Pattern libraries are a cornerstone of Alva workflows: They allow you to implement anything that works on the web and make it accessible to everyone on your team.

As such it is important you understand the assumptions Alva makes concerning pattern libraries. See the full list below. A production-level example of an Alva-enabled pattern library it the Alva Design Library which is openly available on GitHub.


  • Contains a package.json
  • Implementation Entry: Specifies an alva:main / main field in package.json or contains an index.js file
  • Interface Entry: Specifies typings in package.json or contains an .d.ts file with the same basename as the provided implementation entry. E.g. if the implementation entry is lib/my-lib.js, the typings are assumed to be at lib/my-lib.d.ts
  • Implementation Exports: All components that should be usable in Alva are (re)exported from the implementation entry. They are implemented in React.
  • Browser Compatibility: The exported code uses only APIs that are available in browsers.

Analyzer Algorithm

Alvas static analyzer follows a set of steps and rules when reading your pattern library.

1. Read meta data

    1. Read and parse package.json as JSON

2. Find Implementation Entry

    1. a) Has .alva:main field: Use as JavaScript
    1. b) Has no .alva:main, but .main field: Use as JavaScript
    1. c) Has neither .alva:main, nor .main field: Use index.js as JavaScript

3. Find Interface Entry

    1. a) Has .alva:typings field: Use as TypeScript
    1. b) Has .typings field: Use as TypeScript
    1. c) Has .alva:main. Use .d.ts file with same basename (some/path/lib.js => some/path/lib.d.ts)
    1. d) Has .main. Use .d.ts file with same basename
    1. e) None of the above: Use index.d.ts