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Howto: Test autupdater

👩‍🎓 Level: Expert

What to expect

This shows how to get a local dev setup for autoupdater going.


  • 🌲 git
  • 🐢 Node.js >= 8
  • 🐈 yarn
  • 💻 A terminal emulator
  • 🌐 Internet connection

1. Install minio

Install minio on your local machine: Download Minio. This will provide an AWS S3 like service on your localhost for electron-autoupdate to use.

On macOS:

brew install minio/stable/minio
brew install minio/stable/mc

2. Start and setup minio

Open a terminal and enter

mkdir -p ~/data/electron-updater
minio ~/data/electron-updater # Starts on localhost:9000

Take note of the AccessKey and SecretKey that are logged:

$ minio server ~/data/

AccessKey: [some-key]
SecretKey: [some-secret]

Browser Access:

Command-line Access:
   $ mc config host add myminio [some-key] [some-secret]

3. Create a testing bucket with mc

mc config host add electron-builder [some-key] [some-secret]
mc mb electron-builder/electron-builder

4. Trigger a version bump for @meetalva/core

Edit package.json to specify a higher version, e.g. 0.8.0 => 1.0.0.

   "version": "1.0.0"

5. Modify publish config

In packages/core/package.json, add the following:

  "build": {
    "publish": {
      "provider": "s3",
      "bucket": "electron-builder",
      "endpoint": "http://localhost:9000"

5. Publish an update to local minio

Both builds created when following these steps must be signed for autoupdates to work

cd packages/core 
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=[some-key] AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=[some-secret] yarn electron-builder --publish always

6. Reset the version

Change the version in packages/core/package.json back

   "version": "0.8.0"

7. Create another "older" build

yarn electron-builder

8. Start the "older" build


The "older" build should download and subsequently show the new version being available for installation.