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Howto: Develop Alva

👩‍🎓 Level: Expert

What to expect

Shows how to build Alva from sources. Most likely this is interesting to you if you want to contribute code changes to Alva or try out features that are not released yet.

After following the steps below you have a working dev setup for Alva


  • 🌲 git
  • 🐢 Node.js >= 8
  • 🐈 yarn
  • 💻 A terminal emulator
  • 🌐 Internet connection

Fetch and prepare project

Open a terminal and enter

git clone
cd alva

Start the build processes

yarn tsc -b -w

Start webpack

In a second terminal window:

yarn webpack -w

Start Alva

In a third terminal window:

yarn alva # start electron version
# alternatively:
# yarn alva --host=node
# yarn alva --host=static --serve