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Meet Alva

Create living prototypes with code components

Get Started | Let's chat | Website

Start with a minimal set of components to sketch concepts and iterate fast your team to create and enrich components, refine design and implemenation and compose a working, living prototype.

⚠️ This is the contributor documentation of Alva. Please refer to for user docs.

Develop Alva

  • 🐒 πŸš€ Node.js >=8
  • 🌲 Git
  • 🐈 yarn >= 1.12
  • 🌐 Internet connection
git clone
cd alva
yarn tsc -b -w

# In a second terminal window
yarn webpack -w

# In a third terminal window
yarn alva

Package commands

Execute commands in all applicable packages via yarn lerna run [cmd]:

Command Description
test Run unit tests
watch Rebuild on file changes
build Build once


Feel free to dive in! Open an issue, submit a Pull Request or let’s discuss what should be next. ❀️

Alva follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

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Copyright 2017-present. Released under the MIT license.