Meet Alva,
a radically new digital design tool built for cross-functional product teams.

Alva lets you design interactive products based on the same components your engineers are using for production websites. But, our mission goes way further. And guess what – we are entirely open source.

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This is an early alpha version. Feel free to try out, but we are still working hard on better support for external component libraries.

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Alva is a work-in-progress, and constantly evolving. Sign up with your email to be the first in line when we announce new features.

Design and engineering, joined together

As a designer, you start with a minimal set of web components which are enhanced by importing new components as placeholder images. Based on that, an engineer can start writing the component as real code and replace all the placeholder components.

Cross-functional single source of truth

Instead of creating a separate static component library for Sketch, Photoshop and all the other tools, you can start building your layouts and design with the very same components that your engineers use for the production website.

Basically, you share the component library with your engineers so that everyone has the latest version everywhere, everytime.

We are starting with React and certain library requirements, but we plan to be platform-agnostic in the future.

Bringing web technology into web design

A website is more than a plain fixed-size drawing canvas, where you can position rectangles, circles and text wherever you want to. Responsive design doesn’t mean to have just three different viewports designed. And interaction is not only connecting to static screens with a transition. It can be way more.

Page elements

On the left side are all the components you are using on your page. You can rearrange them or nest them.


Every viewport counts. You can easily adjust the preview viewport to test your design on every possible size.


The web is interactive, so we should design interactively, too. Alva enables you to go beyond static screens.

Coming soon

Custom code integration

If you’d like to implement custom logic or anything else code-based, you can insert custom code anywhere. So Designers don’t have to code. But they are able to.

Coming soon

Prototype design with live data

You want to translate your designs into a dozen of languages? Or want to connect to real data? Don’t worry, Alva supports that.

Coming soon

Be part of shaping the future of design

Help us taking Alva to the next level with your design expertise, product management insights or engineering skills. Our next features, bugs and the roadmap are fully open. Feel free to add issues, start pull requests or let us discuss what should be next.

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The story behind Alva

»Alva« is the middle name of Thomas Alva Edison, who made electricity available to the public. And in Latin, »Alva« means Wisdom. We started Alva in August 2017 as an initiative at SinnerSchrader and since then a quite small, but very powerful product design and engineering team is working hard on building and evolving the Alva app and its ecosystem.

Our core team

Special thanks to Holger Blank, Yuri Ziebell, Philipp von Essen, Stefan Förster and Felicitas Kugland. And we are proud of so many more contributors on Github!